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Executive Committee

An Executive Committee has been formed to provide strategic leadership for the Campaign of Champions.

John Wooden, Honorary Chairman
Matthew Pauley, Vice Chairman
Robert Wilson, Vice Chairman
John Branca
James Collins
Dan Guerrero
Kevin Hillyer
Bud Knapp
Nahum Lainer
Ann Meyers-Drysdale
Todd Katz
John Morris
Richard Pachulski
Henry Samueli
Ralph Shapiro
Michael Warren
Casey Wasserman
Charles Winner
Richard Ziman

National Leadership Committee


Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Karch Kiraly
Bill Walton
Nan Wooden-Muelhausen

Norm Abrams
Arron Afflalo
Toby Bailey
Mitchell Butler
Denise Curry
Baron Davis
Keith Erickson
Justin Gimelstob
Steve Hartman
Rafer Johnson
Marques Johnson
Eric Karros
John Lithgow
Liz Masakayan
Holly McPeak
Reggie Miller
Tracy Murray
Jeff Nygaard
Ed O'Bannon
Anita Ortega
Rachel Robinson
Tasha Schwikert
Art Shurlock
Sinjin Smith
Peter Vidmar
Mike Warren
Natalie Williams
Zev Yaroslavsky


UCLA wishes to thank the following supporters for their generosity.

Pauley Pavilion Leadership Donors

Carroll W. Adams
Wylie and Christopher R. Aitken
Leo and Kathleen Andreoli
Richard M. Bacio
Robert M. Baker III
Steven J. Barlevi
In Memory of Fred A Bartman Jr.
Judy and John Bedrosian
Sanford and Phyllis Beim
Ron and Donna Bender and Dr. Gil Bender
Sally, Paul, Beth & Randall Bennett
Roger P. Berg
Brad W. Berger
Barry and Martha Berkett
Dianne Berman
The Bernstein Family - Keith, Julie, Jake and Alden
Barry R. and Ruth Binder
Bonni and Pete Blackman
Bruce and Hollie Bloch
Craig and Stacy Bloom
Margaret M. Bloomfield
Brigitte Borun-Starr
The Branca Family
Harry M. Brittenham, aka, Skip M. Brittenham
Samuel N. Fischer
Jill and Miriam Brody
Patrick and Deepthi Brown
Cade and Ryder Brownstein
Jay Buchbinder Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Budish
Maurice Calderon, Jr.
 The Carlin and Lippman Families
Americo Cascella
Alphonse I. Chan
Jerad J. Chao
Victoria and Jean-Marc Chapus
The Chew Family – Richard ’76, Leslie ’75, Melissa ’02, Linsay ’06, Steven ‘10
Robert L. Christensen
Daniel Christman
Arthur B. Cleveland, II
Nancy and Aaron Cohen
David Cohen
Jim and Carol Collins
Jonathan L. Congdon
Lee and Ann Cooper
Rick and Emily Corleto
Mark J. Cormany
Scott, Susan and Joshua Corwin
Toni and Bruce Corwin
Ruth Ann Cowan
Jean and Mary deKernion
Frederick B. Denitz
Bruce and Sharon DePriester
Asim and Cecille Desai
Lester Deutsch Trust
John and Carolyn Diemer
The Dintzer Family
Daniel L. Dintzer
David B. Dollinger
Dr. Dennis J. & Leslie A. Drag
Timothy and Melissa Draper
Liana M. Drew
Sheila A. Eaton
Eric Eisner
David and Janet Ellis
Dr. Naomi and Mr. W.J. (Jim) Ellison
Jack and Ilene Engel
David J. Epstein
Lawrence W. Erickson, EdD
Mary Sellwood Erickson
Virginia and the late Dr. Jerome Ettinger, F.A.C.S., UCLA Associate Professor of Surgery
Cindy & Allen Farrington
Joan and Bill Feldman and Family and Isabel and Hugo de Castro and Family
Schwab Char Giving Christian & Mary C. Felipe
Richard and Michelle Ferkel
The Figlin Family
Eric G. Flamholtz and Yvonne E. Randle
Ronald M. and Elaine S. Florance
Daniel S. Floyd
James Ford
Jeffrey, Max, Rachel, Geno & George Forer
Philip Joseph Frengs
David Fuller and James Vandever
Marianne Gausche Hill and David L. Hill
Christopher and Rose Gaynor
Cheryl and Clinton Gee
Robert L. and Joan M. Davis
Carl Jonokuchi MD and Pamela Davis MD
Gregory L. Geiser
George, Janice, Sam & Michelle Geldin
Rose Gilbert
Wallis Foundation
William Goddard, IV
Jan and Bob Goldman
Kenneth L. Goldman
The Lee and Lois Goldman Family
Irwin D. and Clarann J. Goldring
Markham and Lisa Goldstein and Marc and Lisa Warshal
Erin and Bryan Goligoski
Ron Gonen
Steven C. Good
James D. Gordon
Timothy Gorry, Salvador LaViña and Greg Egemo
Ken, Aly, Jadon & Austin Graiwer
Scott L. Graves
Debra and David Green
Bernard A. and Lenore S. Greenberg
Brian and Suzanne Greenberg
Dick and Tricia Grey
Ann Daly and John Gustafson
The Hacker Family
Roger Halfhide and Patricia McVerry
Linda B. Hanada
James Hassett
Kathleen Hassett
Kathleen H. Head
Kenneth R. Heitz
Frank Henry
Russel D. Hiles
The Hofeditz Family
Brian and Lisa Holmes
Sam and Deborah Hooper
John Horejsi
Janis Feldman Horn & Roger Ehrlich
Howard Family Trust
Howard Family Trust
Herbert N. and Marcia H. Howard
Roger and Linda Howard and Family
The Hubbell Family
Dr. David T. Imagawa Family
Alan L. Isaacman
Tracy & David Isenberg
Jill Ishida and Mike Tanaka
Eric and Mary Ann Jacobsen
Matthew F. Jacobson
Linda and Jerry Janger
Chris and Leslie Johnson
Bernard J. Johnson
Tom and Louise Jones
Eileen & Ken Kaplan
The Katz Family Foundation
Kaufhold Richardson Family
Stephen J. Kaufman
Gadi Kaufmann
Herbert and Helen Kawahara and Dr. Ken and Debra Kawahara
Cynthia and Nobie Kawasaki
Marv Kaye
Steven and Kathryn Keefer
Randall E. and Jan H. Kessler
Larry J. Kettell
June Nakatani Kim
John A. and Carol S. Kindler
Stanley K. King 1958
Darrin & Stephanie Klotz
The Kohl Family
Cindy and Richard Koral
Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald
Sheldon and Denise Kravitz
Vivian and Howard Krepack and Family
Dr. Philip I. Kress and Dr. Michael J. McDonald
John and Nancy Kuhl
Phyllis Kupferstein
Howard Kurtzman
Alice and Nahum Lainer
Mark Lainer
James and Nikki Lauter
Larry Layne & Sheelagh Boyd
Dr. Michael L. Lenke and Dr. Eleanor A. Novick
John A. Leupp
David and Susan Leveton (Ann C. Rosenfield Fund)
Jodi Berman Levine & Joel B. Levine, M.D.
Steven H. Levine
Regal Construction Co., Inc.
Robert and Jo Lewis
John and Lauren Liberati
Jay R. Lieberman M.D.
John S. Long
Sondra Murr Love
Ed and Debbi Lowman & Gil Frank and Marilyn Hofert
Michael B. Lana Luftman
Albro Lynn Lundy III
Macpherson Oil Company
Cheryl Maisel, Eric Deutsch, Scott Dinsmore
Mary and John Manuck
John and Carrie Mapes
Garo Mardirossian
Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy
Basil W. Martinez
Ron H. and Tonda Mason
In Memory of Darrel Mayes
Angelo M. Mazzone
 Patricia and Robert McLaughlin
Dan and Vicki McLoon
Jerry & Merle Measer
Don and Pat Mehlig
Mekjian Family
The Merage Family
Andrew and Shannon Meyers
Aaron and Orit Michiel
Lowell Milken Family
Fred and Barbara Miller
Miller & Sher Family
Danny, Sheila, and Roger Milstein
Saul and Irene Minzer and Family
Randall and Nancy Moler
Joy and Jerry Monkarsh
Neal H. Moritz and Family
Sherie and Donald Morrison
James and Ann Morris
Ann and Jerry Moss
Peter K. Moy
Chris & Carolyn Mukai
Bob Munday
Barbara and Norman Namerow
Don A. and Roslyn Reps Nelson
David A. Neuman
Jon W. Newby
Kristine and Andrew Nuruki
Suzanne Wendt Nyhus and Ward Nyhus
Kate and Eddie Oddo & Family
Brenda and Budge Offer
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ofstein – In Memory of Marvin Luciner MD
Susan J. Ollweiler
Randall and Susan Onishi
Jerry & Karen Orefice
Ostin Family Foundation
Bill and Carol Ouchi
Richard M. Pachulski
Kirk Pasich and Pamela Woods and Chris, Kelly and Connor Pasich
David J. Pasternak
Shawn S. Patt
Gary and Matti Patterson
Mark Steven Pecheck
Gregory F. Perlman
Kevin and Catherine Pluimer
Irvin Polashuk & Barbara Polashuk
Robert J. Posek
Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation
Darin S. Puhl
Dr. Matthew Brett Quan
Dale, Linda and Rob Rasmussen
Tony & Angela Reed
Harvey and Joyce Reichard
Marissa and Matt Rice
Nelson and Sharon Rising
Jim and Judy Roach
Alan E. Robbins
James, Kim, Connor and Liam Robertson
Janet and Stephen Rogers
David Rognlien
Bruce Rognlien
Leonard J. and JoAnn S. Roth
Myron I. Roth
Julie and Mark Rowen
Judge Marvin D. and Carol L. Rowen
Sharon and Jim Rowlands
Nicholas and Nancy Saggese
Edwin W. Pauley Foundation
HS Partners Holdings III LP
James H. Schladen
Paul D. Schoen
Donald and Nancy Schort D.D.S.
Valerie and Jeffrey Seymour
Hon. Richard Katz
Jerry and Fredi Shapiro
Lisa & P.J. Shapiro
Jason J. Silletti
Victoria and Ronald Simms
Richard E. Sinaiko Family & David H. Solomon Family
Keith & Esther Sinclair
Lindsay & Andrew G. Smith
Barry Alan Smolev, M.D.
Vicki R. Solmon
Kathleen and Robert Sommers
Anne-Marie Spataru
Brad and Karen Sraberg
Roger and Jacqueline Stanton
Jacob Steinbeck
Jay M. Steren & Naree Steren
Janis and Eric Sterling
Bruce Stern and Mitchell Quaranta
Gary D. Stone, M.D. and Ron and Sarah Stone
Mark and Tammy Strome
Lester, Wendy and Adam Summerfield
Roslyn Holt Swartz and Allan Swartz
Sean Tabazadeh
Ronald N. Takasugi
Gregory D. Taylor
Steve and Lisi Teller
Keith K. Terasaki
Barbara Burson Turner and Jim Turner
Chris M. Urner
James D. Van Zanten
David and Sally Vena
Harpenden Corporation
Nate Walker
Al and Dr. Thomas Waskiewicz
Steven G. Wasserman
Thelma and Eric Waxman, Pam and Rocky Bowman
Robert M. Webb
Robert William Weiler
Beryl Weiner
Dan Weinstein
Howard Welinsky and Karren Ganstwig
Glenn A. White
Bob and Marion Wilson
Jaime S. Winkler
Chuck and Annie Winner
Travers and Karen Wood and Kit and Caralyn Lokey
Bonnie and Paul Yaeger
Hammad H. Zaidi
Kenneth Ziffren
Ziman Family Foundation
Steve Zwillinger

Pauley Pavilion Championship Donors

Acting Chancellor Emeritus Norman Abrams
Mr. Robert P. Abramson
Ms. Chris Adams
Dr. Kenneth W. Adashek
Mr. Richard D. Agay
Ms. Lisa J. Agay
AIG American International Group, Inc.
Mrs. Margaret J. Allen
Ms. Ellen M. Amasaki-Maiorano
Mrs. Patricia P. Amstutz
Dr. Ronald M. Andersen
Mrs. Linda Anderson
Mr. Henry J. Andreuccetti
Mrs. Maryann R. Anzaldo
Mr. Steven A. Aranoff
Mr. Paul W. Ashe
Mr. Brian J. Au
Mr. Richard R. Auerbach
Mr. Marshall Jan August
Mr. Melvin N. Avanzado
Mr. Andrew Burns Baker
Dr. George W. Balfour
Mr. Rigoberto Armando Banuelos
Mr. David C. Barr
Mr. Jeffrey W. Baus
Mr. Michael Bearman
Mr. Jesse Beim
Dr. Gil Bender
Mr. Richard L. Benfield
Mr. Michael Bermant
Mr. Stevan A. Birnbaum
Mrs. Julie A. Block
Mr. Jay R. Boberg
Mr. Richard E. Boddie
Mr. Lawrence Borys
Mr. James D. Bowles
Mr. William A. Bryan
Mr. Chris T. Burt
Ms. Denise N. Bustamante
Dr. Peter D. Caldwell
Ms. Juanita E. Carter
Dr. Ivan Catton
Mr. Michael J. Cavanagh
Chadwick Studio
Dr. Mortimer Chambers
Mr. Stanley E. Charles
Mr. Morris I. Chernick
Ms. Antoinette T. Choi
Mr. Patrick B. Clemens
Mr. George H. Clute
Mr. Louis Colombano
Mr. Craig A. Cooper
Cooper Industries Foundation
Mr. David A. Cooper
Mrs. Jean R. Cord
Mr. James P. Cosgrove
Mrs. Merrilee M. Craig
Ms. Ethel M. Cullom
Ms. Thelma L. Culverson
Mr. Frank Damon
Dr. David E. Dann
Mr. Alan R. Demby
Mr. Steven W. Deming
Dr. Mary D. Dobon
Mr. Jay S. Dolinky
Mr. Patrick J. Dooley
Mr. Mark T. Doyle
Mr. Alan I. Edrick
Mr. Sanford M. Ehrmann
Ms. Elizabeth S. Elson
Mrs. Anita Enomoto
Mr. Stanley T. Enomoto
Mr. Randolph Nanton Farber
Mrs. Arlyn L. Farrell
Mrs. Abbie E. Feldman
Webster Family Foundation
Jay & Alison Boberg Charitable Fund
Mr. Ira Fierberg
Mr. Robert S. Fine
Dr. Sydney M. Finegold
Mr. David J. Finkel
Mrs. Darlene N. Finocchiaro
Mr. Ron Fitzgerald
Mr. Michael Edward Flynn
Dr. David L. Fogelson
Mr. Charles L. Fonarow
Mr. Cornelius L. Fong
Mr. Jay G. Foonberg
Dr. Richard A. Foullon
Mr. Brian D. Frank
Mr. Kenneth J. Friedman
Ms. Bonnie D. Friedman
Mr. David Friedman
Mr. Thad Torao Fukushige
Mr. Gregory G. Gabriel
Dr. Joel B. Garris
Mr. Eric A. Gaynor
Mr. Christopher P. Geier
Dr. Mark A. Gerard
Ms. Patricia A. Gerken
Mr. Parham Ghorban
Dr. Karen J. Gilbert
Mr. Jay S. Glick
Mr. Bruce S. Glickfeld
Mr. Richard H. Glucksman
Mrs. Charlotte Gold
Mr. Howard M. Gold
Goldberg, Swedelson, & Associates, Inc.
Mr. John B. Golper
Goodwin Family Trust
Mrs. Kathy E. Gordon
Mr. Brian I. Greene
Mr. Ronald C. Hallal
Mrs. Diane W. Hansen
Mr. Scott S. Harada
Mr. L. Wayne Harding
Dr. Irwin Harris
Mr. Arthur R. Harris
Mr. Joshua D. Hart
Mr. Waseem Hasnain
Ms. Leann J. Hennig
Mr. Craig N. Hentschel
Mrs. Marsha A. Herbert
Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett
Mr. Richard T. Hills
Mr. Mark Himmelman
Mr. Bryan K. Hino
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hoage
Mr. Keith J. Hoffnagle
Dr. H. Mason Hohl
Mr. Peter J. Holden
Mr. Michael J. Horowitz
Mr. Leo J. Howard
Mr. Tony Howe
Dr. Jack H. Hudes
Mr. Bryan Dean Hull
Humberto A. Galleno, M.D. Inc.
Ms. Judy Hwee
Dr. David K. Imagawa
Mr. Arturo C. Irizarry
Mr. David E. Isenberg
Ms. Doris I. Jae
James S. Louie, M.D., Inc.
The Kurtzman Family
The Ursula & Myron Levi Family Fund
Ms. Belia Vallejo Johnson
Mr. Darryl F. Johnson
Mrs. Ruth F. Johnson
Ms. Jackie L. Jong
Mr. Terry Y. Jue
Mr. Eric G. Juline
Mrs. Beverly F. Kamber
Mr. Russell S. Kantor
Mr. Douglas S. Kato
Mr. Andrew E. Katz
Mr. Richard T. Kawasaki
Mr. Larry H. Kuromiya
Mr. Alvin J. Lanfeld
Mrs. Laura M. Lang
Mr. Stephen J. Langa
Dr. Leslie E. Latner
Mr. Jeffrey Lau
Mr. Andrew J. Lavick
Law Office of Michael F. Baltaxe
Dr. Keith J. Lee
Dr. Lawrence H. Leiman
Mr. Arnold Tannenbaum Lester
Ms. Roxanne K. Levenson
Dr. Michael S. Levine
Mr. Bernard Lewak
Mr. Michael B. Lewis
Mr. James R. Lewis
Dr. Harley R. Liker
Mr. David J. Liston
Mr. Marshall B. Lloyd III
Mr. Brett Locker
Mr. Kevin G. Loftus
Mr. Arthur P. Lombardi
Mr. Matt F. Lopez
Dr. Cayley Sherman Louie
Mr. Stephen Martin Lowe
Mr. Robert J. Lowe, Sr.
Mrs. Gail Lowenstein
Mr. Joseph R. Lowenstein
The Honorable Elwood G. Lui
Ms. Jo-Ann Y. Lung
Ms. Cheryl A. Lutz
Mr. Jeff Samuel Lutzky
Mr. Peter Gerard Lyew
Mrs. Bea Mandel
Mr. Eric J. Maraffi
Mr. Stanley E. Maron
Mr. Kenneth Martin
Mrs. Melissa C. Martin
Mrs. Nancy S. Martorano
Mr. Gerald H. Massey
Dr. Richard Massoth
Mr. Daniel M. Mayeda
Ms. Karen M. Mc Clain
Mr. Stephen G. McKee
Mr. Carey H. Melcher
Mr. Sergio L. Melgar
Mr. Richard H. Millard
Dr. Becky Miller
Mr. Jeffrey E. Mitchel
Mr. Eric L. Mokover
Mr. Andre E. Morimoto
Mr. Bernhard D. Morse
Dr. Thomas J. Moss
Mr. Ricardo Munoz-Flores
Dr. Naomi Naito
Mr. Wayne K. Nakano
Reverend Willie Naulls
Mr. Anthony R. Neece
Mr. Murray H. Neidorf
Mr. Jack S. Neinstein
Mr. David R. Neste

Ms. Donna M. Newton
Ms. Grace Kam-May Ng
Mr. Peter Q. Nguyen
Mr. Harry Nieves
Mr. Shelby Notkin
Novartis U.S. Foundation
Mr. Lanny J. Noveck
Ms. Elizabeth T. Nunez
Ms. Karen O'Donnell
Mr. Peter J. Onusconich
Mr. Gary H. Oseransky
Les Ostrov, Esq.
Dr. Elizabeth Y. Pak
Mr. Murray S. Pepper
Dr. Jane S. Permaul
Mr. James P. Petersilia
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pop
Mr. Jeffrey A. Pope
Mr. Paul L. Presburger
Mr. Richard Price-Williams
Mr. David M. Primes
Mr. Richard M. Rashman
Mr. Victor E. Reskin
The Honorable Samuel D. Reyes
Mrs. Eleanor S. Richman
Dr. James J. Roach, Jr.
Mr. Michael C. Robinson
Mr. Bill Roen
Mr. Daniel A. Romero
Mr. Michael Rosen
Mr. Denis I. Rosenberg
Mr. Gary V. Rosenfield
Dr. Michael G. Ross
Dr. Bennett E. Roth
Mr. Bobby Roth
Mr. Daniel E. Saks
Ms. Mary E. Saltzburg
Mrs. Colleen J. Salzetti
Mrs. Linda J. Santefort
Mr. Noriyuki Sasaki
Mrs. Beverly A. Sawrey
Mr. William E. Sawrey
Dr. Tara K. Scanlan
Mr. Jeffrey Schlichter
Dr. Abraham J. Schlossberg
Dr. J. William Schopf
Mr. Van N. Schultz
Mrs. Ellen Itsuko Schumann
Christian & Mary C. Felipe Fund
Matthew Jacobson Fund
Mr. Steven J. Schwartz
Mr. W. James Scilacci, Jr.
Mr. Jon J. Sedillos
Dr. Yoshio Setoguchi
Mrs. Helen Mekjian
Mr. Jeffrey S. Severa
Mr. Jeffrey A. Sevier
Mr. Scott Sewell
Ms. Michiko Shepherd
Mr. Ephram M. Sherrin
Ms. Nicola Shocket
Mr. Joel C. Shpall
Mrs. Paula L. Shuman
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson
Dr. Alan M. Singer
Mr. Emile F. Skaff, Sr.
Mr. Timothy J. Skelly
Mr. Herbert F. Slavin
Mr. Mitchell Smelkinson
Mr. Dan F. Smith
Dr. Marguerite A. Snow
Mr. Peter T. So
Mr. Michael B. Song
Ms. Leslie K. Soo Hoo
Mr. Michael M. Soroudi
Mr. Alex M. Sotomayor
Mr. Jason K. Spivak
Stephen & Renee Claman Trust
Mr. Brim E. Stonebraker
Mr. Matthew A. Strong
Mr. Mark J. Stull
Mrs. Eileen K. Sugiura
Swartz Fund
Ms. Phyllis K. Takayanagi
Mr. Drew W. Taylor
Mr. Kenneth J. Terpening
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The DIRECTV Group Program Giving
The Hyman Levine Family Foundation: L'Dor V'Dor
The Louis and Harold Price Foundation, Inc.
The Simms/Mann Family Foundation
Dr. Barry H. Tischler
Mr. Geoffrey T. Tong
Transamerica Foundation
Mr. Alejandro C. Trejo
Dr. John M. Tsao, Sr.
Mr. Terry Tumey
Dr. Patrick K. Turley
Mr. Peter R. Ursano
Ms. Margarita B. Vallejo
Mr. Bennet M. Van De Bunt
Mr. Tom Van Dyke
Mrs. Dolores R. Vasquez
Mr. James D. Vaughn
Mr. David H. Vena
Mr. Ned J. Vento
Mr. Christopher S. Wada
Waters Environmental Service Corp.
Waterstone Char Fdn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wallstrom Fund
Mr. Andrew J. Waxler
Mr. H. M. Webster III
Mr. Robert B. Webster, Jr.
Ms. Lois F. Wecker
Wells Fargo & Company
Western Asset Management Company
Mr. Rick W. Wilkes
Mr. Gale T. Williams
Mr. Bruce G. Willison
Mr. David T. Wilson
Mr. Paul A. Wilson
Mr. Charles Winner
Dr. Drew J. Winston
Mr. Keenan L. Wolens
Mr. Elgin W. Wong
Mr. Ken S. Wong
Mr. Kenneth Lee Wong
World Variety Produce, Inc.
Mr. Gary K. Yamamoto
Mr. Richard P. Yang
Mr. Amir Yariv
Dr. Jennie P. Yeh
Dr. Peter D. Zeegen
Mr. Paul J. Zive
Dr. Arnold B. Zukow
Dr. Stefan I. Zweig