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When is my annual Wooden Athletic Fund donation due?

To ensure that you receive all benefits of membership for the 2014-15 year, your donation is due by June 30, 2014.

Is my Wooden Athletic Fund donation tax-deductible?

Yes. All gifts to the Wooden Athletic Fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Most gifts are deductible for 80% of the total gift amount, but for your exact deductibility we recommend consulting your tax advisor.

How can I become a Wooden Athletic Fund member and who is eligible to join?

Anyone who is interested in supporting the success of UCLA’s 700 student-athletes is eligible to join the Wooden Athletic Fund. Membership benefits begin at just $100 and you can donate in three easy ways:

Online: www.WoodenAthleticFund.com
Phone: 310.206.3302 (M-F 8am-5pm)
Mail: Wooden Athletic Fund (checks payable to: “UCLA Foundation”)
P.O. Box 24044 Los Angeles, CA 90024

Can I establish a payment plan for my annual donation to the Wooden Athletic Fund?

Either online or in consultation with our staff you may establish a pre-approved payment schedule on a credit card. Payment is due in full by December 15, 2014 and at least 25% of your total gift amount must be paid by the June 30, 2014 renewal deadline.

What is “Become a Champion” and how can I participate?

We encourage all Wooden Athletic Fund members to consider “Becoming a Champion” by increasing your support of UCLA student-athletes and upgrading to the next WAF membership level. Along with all regularly offered membership benefits at your new level, all donors who “Become a Champion” will receive an exclusive Wooden Athletic Fund hat. In 2013, 263 donors increased their giving as part of this program and contributed and additional $505,000 in additional support for UCLA student-athletes. More information is available on page one of this guide.

Does my annual Wooden Athletic Fund donation cover priority seating and parking for both Football and Men’s Basketball?

Yes. A single annual gift to the Wooden Athletic Fund allows members to enjoy priority seating and parking benefits for both Football and Men’s Basketball. If there is a per seat donation requirement that applies to your season ticket locations for both Football and Men’s Basketball, the higher of those two requirements determines your minimum annual WAF donation amount to maintain priority area season tickets for both sports.

What is a Forever Champions Four Deep Scholarship Endowment and what benefits are offered to donors for these gifts?

Forever Champions Four Deep Scholarship Endowments allow you to create an everlasting endowment, supporting the educational and athletic experience of UCLA student-athletes for years to come while enjoying exclusive, lifetime benefits from the UCLA Athletic Department through the Wooden Athletic Fund. Four Deep Scholarship Endowment gifts may be paid over a five year period and options are available at $125,000 ($6,250 annual WAF credit), $250,000 ($12,500 annual WAF credit), $500,000 ($25,000 annual WAF credit), and $1,000,000+ ($50,000+ annual WAF credit). To learn more, please call 310.206.3302 or visit www.WoodenAthleticFund.com/ForeverChampions.

How do I select or improve my season ticket location or parking request options for Football and/or Men’s Basketball?

All season ticket holders have the opportunity to relocate season tickets, add additional season tickets and modify parking requests at our annual Select-a-Seat events. All seating that is not renewed from the previous season is made available for purchase or improvement based upon Wooden Athletic Fund donation minimums. Priority for improvement is based upon Wooden Athletic Fund membership level and lifetime giving to UCLA Athletics. Information about the donations required for new or additional season ticket purchase in specific priority seating areas is included in this guide and online at www.WoodenAthleticFund.com.

What impact does my donation to the Wooden Athletic Fund make?

The Wooden Athletic Fund is the backbone of UCLA Athletics’ commitment to support the educational and athletic excellence of the 700 student-athletes who compete for the Bruins. The annual philanthropic support generated by the Wooden Athletic Fund covers critical areas of need including student-athlete scholarships and academic support. With constantly rising educational and competitive expenses and less than 3% of UCLA Athletics’ revenue coming from University support, your philanthropic support is more important now than ever.

Do I receive Wooden Athletic Fund benefits for gifts directed to a specific sport or capital project (such as the UCLA Football Training Facility)?

Wooden Athletic Fund membership benefits are not offered for gifts of under $25,000 to a specific sport. The benefits offered for gifts made to a specific sport or the UCLA Football Training Facility vary based upon the sport and the amount of the gift. Donors who contribute $25,000-$49,999 annually to a single sport will be recognized with non-seating WAF benefits at the Director’s Circle level. Donors who contribute $50,000 annually or more to a single sport will be recognized with non-seating WAF benefits at the John R. Wooden Benefactor level.